Attentiewaarde Stadsstukken was organised in 2019 to give young and local artist the opportunity to create a temporarily public art installation in the city Rotterdam. The work Attentiewaarde was on public view in the summer of 2019 at Nassauhavenpark, Rotterdam. With work like Attentiewaarde I want to research different values of attention. Title: AttentiewaardeYear: 2019Tags: […]

Minitopia’s Mobiele Galerie

Minitopia Mobile Gallery Minitopia is an experimental neighbourhood with self-build, circular and tiny houses located in Den Bosch. The Mobiele Galerie is an exhibition stand on wheels to present the published book and stories about this experimental neighbourhood. The Tiny House-esque exterior was designed and built by De Reuringdienst. The neighbourhood housed a former local […]